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Updates from Israel

TL-47-401 Update 2

Dearest family and friends, Our journey in Israel is coming to a close. During our last update, we shared about our time in Ha’on. After the North, we went to Tzfat  to see the ancient city, later heading to Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv was a blast—we met our Israeli participants, visited the old city of Jaffa and [...]

TL-47-380 Update 4

Day 4, are you ready for more?!?  We had an early morning- breakfast being at 6am and leaving the hotel by 7:20am. We then had a moving and emotional day visiting Yad Vashem (The World Holocaust). Words can’t describe the moving 3hr tour we experienced. Shout out to our tour guide this morning! Following that, [...]

TL-47-380 Update 3

Day 3, yea you already know me! We had such a lovely and meaningful day together. We began with breakfast where many arrived early and enjoyed the full time catching up together. We went on a fascinating tour in Tzfat. We learned about the accent history and met locals. We Met with a Kabbalah artist [...]

TL-47-110 Update 1

Today our group spent the day exploring Jaffa and Tel Aviv. We started the day touring the beautiful city of Old Jaffa followed by a graffiti tour in Florentin. We had lunch at the Shuk in Jaffa and then made our way to Neve Tzedek and Nachalat Benyamin. We are excited for our second day [...]

TL-47-380 Update 2

What a wonderful second day! We began the day with breakfast – many woke up early to watch the sunrise, some had early coffee, and some did yoga. After breakfast, we went to Mizpe Beit Tzaida. Following that, we hiked in the Gamla. Then we met our isolate peers in Tiberias. We had lunch and [...]

TL-47-352 Update 1

After a whirlwind of travel to get here, including two flights, multiple delays, and only one staff member to guide us after Kacey unfortunately got COVID, we made it to Israel after dark on Monday and took a 2 hour drive to our hostel in the Golan Heights. We met our guide, Michael, and new [...]

TL-47-369 Update 1

Hey there!  We are checking in with our first update!  We had a great flight and time getting to know each other on the way to Israel and we then landed yesterday. After landing, we had extra bonding time as the passport control line was very long. From that moment on, things got moving!  We [...]

TL-47-509 Update 1

After an emergency landing in Chicago, and our flight being delayed, we are making the most of the situation by having a fun leisure day in Chicago. Walking, Lake Michigan, food, laughs and relaxing! 

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