TL-48-229 Update 1

Our Northwestern Hillel Birthright trip has been having a wonderful time for the first few days of this trip. For a little bonus to kick off our journey, we made a quick stop to the Caesaria Aqueduct Beach and got to take a quick dip in the Mediterranean. From there we started toward the North, spending time in the Galilee and  bonding as a community.

Highlights include a Shabbat day spent by the pool (thanks to some very high temperature!), a trip to the Golan Heights to learn about the Syrian border with Israel, followed by a water hike, and a lovely day rafting on the Hatzbani River. We finished our time in the North with an overlook over Lebanon. We spent our afternoon in the holy city of Tzfat learning about Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), enjoying some food and shopping, and wine tasting. For an extra treat, we visited a fair trade collective in the Arab city of Kfar Kana to taste olive oil and make our own za’atar blends before making our way to Tel Aviv.

We are looking forward to the next few days in Tel Aviv and Jaffa before we head to the desert for our Bedouin experience and a hike of Masada.