Yes, the trip is free, but a fully refundable $360 USD / $450 CAD deposit is required to be considered for a trip. Here's how it works...

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Is the deposit refundable?

Yes! You will get your deposit back as long as you: (a) go on the trip, (b) withdraw before your official trip confirmation, or (c) cancel off a confirmed trip at least 65 days before departure. You will only lose your deposit if you are confirmed on a trip and cancel after the 65-day deadline, or if you fail to abide by the basic rules of Birthright Israel.

Cancellation deadlines are based on your departure date. To determine the date of your cancellation deadline, use the handy calculator below!

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Why is a deposit necessary?

All applicants must submit a refundable deposit in order to complete the application. The reason? Birthright Israel spends a lot of money on each participant and the refundable deposit helps ensure you really want to travel!

Of course, since the trip is truly FREE, you will get your deposit back within 3-4 weeks of the trip end date.

How does the deposit payment and refund process work?

You must submit your deposit online via Paypal via credit card (a $25 non-refundable processing fee applies). If you aren't selected for a trip or if you cancel prior to the deadline, you'll receive the $360 USD / $450 CAD deposit back on your card. If you do participate in the program, Birthright Israel will email instructions to you on how to retrieve the deposit. Once you complete the program in full, you'll receive your refund on the same card used to place the deposit.

Note: You will only have 30 days after your trip is over to follow the instructions in the post-trip email to request the deposit be refunded. After that, Birthright Israel will assume you have decided that your deposit should be used to benefit future participants in our various programs.

HINT: Timing is really everything! Your application will ONLY be considered complete once you submit the $360 USD / $450 CAD refundable trip deposit. The sooner you complete the application, the better your chances of getting on the trip you want.