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Updates from Israel

TL-47-55 Update 1

Bus 55 takes the Dead Sea! When asked what they were looking forward to, many participants said they were excited to float in the Dead Sea for the first time. The hype definitely lived up to expectations! Everyone had fun enjoying the sun in the south and floating in the salty water. Some participants even [...]

TL-47-543 Update 7

Well folks, this is it- our final update from bus 543. Today was our final day. We began eating breakfast at the hotel, then loaded the bus to begin our tour in Jaffa. We unloaded the bus in the ancient seaport and began our exploration. We learned about historical sites, some well known people who [...]

TL-47-543 Update 6

We are in our last 48hrs together as a group. Time flys when surrounded by loving humans who are engaged in learning, exploring, and creating a cohesive group. Today was a day to remember! We began with delicious breakfast, followed by exploring the worlds largest erosion crater at the Ramon crater visitor center. We learned [...]

Can you believe it’s been 7 days already?!? Let’s recap today! Stayed in the Beduion tents last night enjoying the atmosphere and getting little sleep due to bonding with one another (and some folks who snored/talked in their sleep), then woke up at 4:30 am to make the sunrise hike on Masada. We learned the [...]

After a relaxing and connected Shabbat experience in Jerusalem, we began our day with Yad Vashem – the world Holocaust remembrance center. This was followed by Har Herzl- the National military cemetery. Needless to say, it was a busy and more somber morning tempering our worst so we can envision our future as the Jewish [...]

Wow, can you believe we are already halfway through our journey together?!? Here’s the scoop on the last 48hrs!We had our Israeli participants join the group (Yayy!), and what a joy that has been! We began our tour in Jerusalem in the Jewish quarter. Enjoyed a walking tour in the old city and learned a [...]

The week begins! Maxi, our unbelievably amazing guide, led us in a great havdalah ceremony outside our hotel in Jerusalem. For many, it was their first time doing this and we love seeing in their eyes as we put arms around each other and sing. Shavuah tov! A great week begins and the trip has [...]

What a blast we have had the past 48hrs! We began our second day rafting along the Jordan River. Some splashing, singing, and even folks who fell out of the boat. All in all, we had a safe and enjoyable time rafting together. We then went hiking on the Banias in the upper Galilee and [...]

Wow, what a journey! We met at JFK and began our adventure together. After a fun-filled flight with many stories to tell, we met the Israeli staff, ate breakfast, and loaded the bus to begin day one. We drove north to Caesarea National park. We learned about history, walked around, and embraced the beautiful scenery. [...]

#Bus537 has traveled all around Israel since we arrived! We spent three days in Jerusalem during Shabbat and got to light the candles in the Old City! We then headed to the south where we hiked Masada at sunrise, floated in the Dead Sea, and spent some time hiking and experiencing the Negev. Today, we arrived in Tel [...]

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