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Updates from Israel

And so it begins!We have boarded and are preparing for take-off! T – 12 hours until the trip of a lifetime! Can you feel it? The friendships forming already?! So exciting! With peace and love, Bus 469

Did Kennedy study Kabbalah? We made it to Israel! After an easy flight, we landed at Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday evening. We met our Tour Guide, Sergey. He introduced us to our bus driver and our security guard/medic. We loaded up the bus and hit the road to Tiberias where we are staying at [...]

Hello, Here are some updates :) The first photo is of the group visiting a gorgeous synagogue on Tzfat. The second, third, and fourth photos are of our exceptional ATV excursion that was loads of fun. Of course, we needed a “boys” picture that includes our spectacular guide, Yonathan :) This photo is in Tzfat, [...]

Today is our last day all together and it’s truly been a wonderful and life-changing experience. One of our participants wrote a poem and we wanted to share. The Journey Home  8.11.22 It all began with the right to our birthA once in a lifetime explorationOf what you might call home turf. We showed up [...]

#Bus998, first 24 hour update :) We had a great flight where we were lucky enough to mingle, laugh, and sleep! Once landed, we took our first staff photo in Caesarea. Today we’re at a beautiful lookout, learning about culture, history, and listening to stories! We are grateful to have such an incredible guide!

Wow, what an amazing 24 (48? 7,000,000?) hour jaunt in Israel it’s been so far!! We’ve landed, seen some amazing archeological sites, eaten amazing food, and gotten to know each other. From the heights of Tzfat to the beaches of Caesarea, we’re all having a great time! Perfect! We’re excited to cool off today with [...]

TL-46-443 Update 2

Today was another amazing day! We woke up to Israeli breakfast and we were off to Tzfat. We spent the day learning about Tzfat and meeting some amazing people. We then were off to an ATV ride and had dinner on the Sea of Galilee. We finished our day with a program talking about our [...]

TL-46-426 Update 2

Day 2 Theme borders and neighbors…  We started today with a trip to the northern Golan where we went to an outlook on Har Ben Tal overlooking the Syrian border.  While there our tour guide, Hannan, taught us more about the history of Israel, its establishment, and its relationship with bordering countries. We also learned about [...]

TL-46-443 Update 1

Hi, We are having an amazing time in our first 24 hours in Israel. Here are some updates. Last night we checked into the north and had an orientation and our first Israeli dinner. We hiked, rafted, and went to a winery before dinner, and then had some more educational learning. Here are some pictures! [...]

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