Quest is our most popular experience and our most balanced itinerary.

Join us on an exploration of Israel’s iconic natural beauty, its epic 3,000-year old history, and many colorful cultural traditions. As an active experience, you’ll be spending less time on the bus and more time on the go—discovering the past, present and future of this remarkable land!

Through the course of this 10-day journey, you’ll form new cross-cultural friendships with both Israeli and American peers, experience all the must-see/must-do highlights of Israel, and return home with a new sense of perspective and wonder.


Ages: 18-22 | 22-26
For: Everyone!
Days: 10 or 7
Dates: Year Round
Residency: USA



You’ll be taken to the Birthright Israel website to register. Remember to select Israel Outdoors as your trip organizer!


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  • Ancient and modern Jerusalem
  • Negev and Judean Deserts
  • Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights
  • Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Coast
  • The Dead Sea and Masada
  • The mystical city of Tsfat

  • Watch the sunrise from Masada
  • Gain a new perspective at Yad VaShem
  • Celebrate an Israeli-style Shabbat
  • Be inspired by models of co-existence
  • Experience floating in the Dead Sea
  • Tap into the innovative spirit of Tel Aviv

  • Camel care and desert tent dinner
  • Raft down the Jordan River (summer)
  • Explore archeological tunnels
  • Beach time and night life in Tel Aviv
  • Browse colorful open-air markets
  • Cool off under a desert oasis waterfall

  • Bond with fellow travelers from home
  • Forge friendships with local Israelis
  • Gain insights from your staff team
  • Discover rich culture and diverse people
  • Experience current events first hand
  • Develop a deeper sense of perspective


Each itinerary is unique according to your exact dates, the time of year and so many other factors. Browse the sample itinerary below for a taste of the journey that awaits you