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TL-46-565 Update 1

We have just finished day two of trip 565! We have gone Rafting in Jordan, seen the Sea of Galilee, we hiked Majrase (water hike) and seen Caesarea National Park! Here are a few photos. Eden & Bari

Hello all! Bus 534 out of San Francisco reporting in! After a long day of traveling, we made it to Israel. We are staying for the first few days right next to the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias. Today, we went and explored the ancient city of Tel Dan. We went on a beautiful hike [...]

Bus #258 has arrived in Tel Aviv. We started our day with the Explore Your Own Way program which showed us the colorful colors of Shuk HaCarmel. The market was filled with exotic fruits and yummy food, and we all wanted to take a piece of it back. We than traveled to the innovation center and [...]

Group 655 takes Israel! Today was our first day in the Holy Land and it did not disappoint. After a long flight we drove to the ancient ruins of Caesarea. Our close knit group enjoyed navigating this new city while getting to know one another. After lunch, we went to Zikhron Ya’akov for a walking [...]

Hello! After a restful Shabbat we got a timely start and headed out for a day of water activities. It was a calming spiritual journey that brought the group together. We took turns holding one another as we floated in the lagoon feeling totally at peace with nature and ourselves. Especially since last night’s program [...]

Hi! We’ve been off to a great start so far! Last night we landed, got our bags, SIM cards, and dinner and then made it on the bus over to Tiberias in northern Israel where we had an orientation and were able to get some sleep before a busy first day. Today we got up [...]

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