TL-48-33 Update 1


Apologies for such a late update, but that is just how much fun this group has been having and how quick the time has flown that we don’t even realize we only have a couple of days left here in the land of milk and honey. 

In such a short time, bus 33 has become a family. Our group has been enjoying their time together in Israel. We’ve done so many incredible things like exploring Caesaria (group picture), rafting in the Jordan River, exploring (and learning about) the north of Israel and seeing the borders of Jordan and Lebanon, having a mystical afternoon in Tzvat where our group made music and then enjoyed wine at Amiad Winery. We also explored a Druze village and had a tremendous authentic Druze meal, spent a very holy Shabbat at the Kotel in Jerusalem followed by a wonderful Shabbat dinner with a rabbi, spent a night under the stars in the Bedouin tents while then enjoying a morning hike to see the Masada sunrise. Most recently we went surfing in Tel Aviv! 

We cannot believe this wonderful experience is almost over, but our participants are enjoying and savoring every second they have in the holy land.