TL-48-33 Update 2

And just like that, our journey in the holy land has come to an end. With many tears flowing, we all said farewell outside in Jaffa last evening. 

Our final couple of days were spent in Tel Aviv/ Jaffo. We went surfing/ paddle boarding (practice pic attached), had a fun night out in Tel Aviv, explored the incredible Jewish history museum, and walked the port of Jaffa overlooking Tel Aviv where we did our farewell activity and enjoyed a final meal together at the world famous Dr. Shakshuka. 

It was an absolutely magical 10 days in Israel, and every participant is so grateful for their time here. While some are extending, and/or partaking in onward, some are flying right back home to be with their families, work jobs, etc. Regardless of what comes next, all participants know that they will ALWAYS have a home waiting for them in Eretz Yisrael. 

Signing off,