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TL-46-840 Update 1

Hey! #Bus840 takes the Jordan River! Today was jam-packed, starting with a hike along the Tel Dan River. We all enjoyed spending some time in nature and, in the end, even got to dip our feet in the water (or swim for those more adventurous). After grabbing a delicious falafel lunch, we headed to the [...]

TL-46-337 Update 1

Shalom from Birthright! With only a few bumps in the road, our group of 32 participants on UJA’s Zenkel Birthright trip landed in Israel! When we arrived, we were greeted by Gadi our educational guide, Ofir the medic, and Waseem our incredible driver, along with some rugalach! We then got right on the bus and [...]

TL-46-563 Update 1

Today will be our 4th day together. We started our journey Sunday afternoon when 23 students filled with excitement and expectation met Mitch and me at SFO. After a 13-hour flight, we arrived in Tel Aviv, tired but in great spirits. At the airport, we were joined by one more student who came from Copenhagen [...]

TL-46-171 Update 2

Hello friends, family, and loved ones, Bus #171 had an amazing time in Israel! We hiked Masada at sunrise and shared a beautiful B’nei Mitzvah ceremony for 4 of the participants, visited Yad Vashem, the military cemetery at Mount Herzl, toured the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, floated in the Dead Sea, went to the beach [...]

TL-46-345 Update 1

Hi all, Just checking in with you all! We are 29 participants strong and everyone is good and enjoying Israel. We are on our way to tzfat today and here is a pic of our morning workout! Thanks, Michael

TL-46-643 Update 2

After an amazing few days in Northern Israel, we finished our tour of the Galil in Tzfat, the birthplace of mystical Judaism, and the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. We then met our five wonderful Israeli peers in the Mifgash program and immediately bonded with them. We enjoyed an uplifting Shabbat in Jerusalem with communal meals, [...]

TL-46-171 Update 1

Hello friends, family, and loved ones, Bus #171 is having a blast in Israel! On our trip thus far, we have already gone on two beautiful hikes in Northern Israel with picturesque mountain views and with amazing waterfalls. We also went rafting in the Jordan River, which was a blast! We learned about the Druze [...]

TL-46-643 Update 1

Our first 24 hours:Although it felt like 48 hours our first day was as memorable as we could have hoped. The trip started off at the airport with plenty of time to get to know each other, and it was immediately apparent that this would be a fantastic group. The flight was a breeze, though a few [...]

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