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Updates from Israel

We awoke to the sounds of a new week in Jerusalem. What freshness will this new week bring? What possibilities, joys adventures are to be awakened in our last few days together?  We began with breakfast at the hotel at 7:30, before departing on our bus with Captain Waseem navigating our way. We arrived at [...]

Shabbat is a time to discover (or rediscover) oneself.  We had time to relax and recharge today, with options programs such as yoga, meditation, journaling, discussions, and a dance workshop. After lunch, we all rejoined to discuss Jewish identity, antisemitism, the Holocaust, and discrimination in general. Finally, we had a geo political discussion followed by [...]

Friday March 31st- wow what a day!  We began our day waking up at 5am for Coffee & cake. This was followed by hiking Masada. We explored Masada  – the Ancient mountain-top fortress. We had 17 participants have bar/bat mitzvahs. Beautiful speeches and testimonies of why they are doing this today. We Descended Masada – [...]

TL-48-364 Update 4

Day 4, are you ready for more? So, we woke up and ate a tasty breakfast. This fueled us to have the energy for fun ice breakers with the Israeli peers who joined us. We had a lovely tour in Jaffa. Beautiful Landscaping, stunning architecture, rich history, and outstanding graffiti. A lovely time indeed. We [...]

TL-47-364 Update 3

Day three, you already know me!  We began the day with a tasty breakfast. We learned about Social Diversity and statehood talk with Sheikh Bader Kasem. It was very engaging for the participants. Following that, we dived into the Druze experience with an upgraded lunch that was beyond tasty. Following lunch, we had a tour [...]

TL-47-347 Update 2

The trip has been in full swing since we arrived in Israel on March 20th. We started off by exploring the North of Israel in the Upper Galilee. Each of us enjoyed hiking the Banias trail to see Israel’s precious beauty during the transition from Winter to Spring. We had the chance to play some [...]

TL-48-364 Update 2

What a second day!  The strike ended in Israel so everything is open and will continue as normal as of now.  Tuesday was a nice day. We began with breakfast, we did our opening ceremony and did some blessings for new times. We loaded the bus and headed to Golan heights and had a lovely [...]

TL-47-364 Update 1

Hal-lo!  We met at the JFK airport and began our journey together. Ice breakers, rules, and connections – oh my! This was followed by fun airplane time and socializing. We arrived in Israel and went to a nice lookout, then to the hotel to shower and get settled in. We discussed what’s happening today and [...]

TL-47-325 Update 2

After a cozy night in the Bedouin tents, we hiked Masada and congratulated a whole team of B’Nai Mitzvah participants, then headed down from the fortress to feed some camels and load back onto the bus. We floated in the Dead Sea and meditated in the grass before spending another night under the stars camping [...]

TL-47-363 Update 1

March 22nd: Quest Bus 363 hit the ground running. We ate breakfast at beautiful Nof Kinneret Hotel. We left at 8am sharp to tour and hike The Banias Nature Reserve. Moran, our Israeli tour guide extraordinaire, taught us about the origin of the land. Originally it was called “Panias” but the Greeks changed the pronunciation [...]

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