TL-47-364 update 5

Friday March 31st- wow what a day! 

We began our day waking up at 5am for Coffee & cake. This was followed by hiking Masada. We explored Masada  – the Ancient mountain-top fortress. We had 17 participants have bar/bat mitzvahs. Beautiful speeches and testimonies of why they are doing this today. We Descended Masada – Via the Roman Ramp- then had Breakfast at Kfar hanokdim. This was followed by the Camel care activity. After some camel time, we got to float in the Dead Sea – Floating at Ein Bokek beach with friends. We had some reflection and sharing circles. This was followed b a long lunch. Then we drove to Jerusalem! We had Kabbalat Shabbat. We sang, laughed, and danced to the tunes of our ancestors. Then we had a Festive Shabbat Dinner. We need the evening with Oneg Shabbat & Improv Games with Hal.

This is my 22nd birthright trip I  staffing- and first ever I celebrated my birthday with a group- so today was special 


Stay tuned to the next day coming right up! 

With loving kindness, 
Hal & Sam-Sam