TL-47-364 Update 3

Day three, you already know me! 

We began the day with a tasty breakfast. We learned about Social Diversity and statehood talk with Sheikh Bader Kasem. It was very engaging for the participants. Following that, we dived into the Druze experience with an upgraded lunch that was beyond tasty. Following lunch, we had a tour in Tzfat (Jewish mysticism’s birthplace). We met Avraham and learned about Kabbalah. It wa lovely!! Avraham is amazin!!! My favorite Kabbalah artist. We then drove to Tel Aviv. Then we prepared to meet the Israel peers, follows by our night out in Tel Aviv. We had such a blast exploring and enjoying the cities nightlife. Thankful for this night together. 

Stay tuned to what’s up next! 

With appreciation,
Hal & Sam-Sam