TL-48-20 Update 2

Shalom shalom!!!
We are having an incredible time in this land of milk and honey.

The Israeli soldiers finally joined our trip!! We are ecstatic to have them with us. 

Below you can see some olive oil tasting! Sindianat HaGalil is a unique non-profit organization led by Arab and Jewish women working to create social change from the ground up. We also got to make Zaatar!!

Here we are at Haifa’s Dado beach where we had lunch and went for a nice dip in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Kabbalat Shabbat—welcoming in Shabbat in the holiest place on earth— the beautiful city of Jerusalem.

Little Jerusalem Shabbat walk (included a coffee stop of course). Almost everything is closed and we have been walking/hiking quite a bit— so a calm stroll is very welcomed today. 

Tonight is our night out in Jerusalem and tomorrow we’ll be visiting the Old City/Kotel! The next few days are jam packed with more adventures, so expect more pictures in a few days!!

With love, from Jerusalem,
TL-48-20 leads, 
Romi, Ethan, and Hillel