TL-48-214 Update 2

Hey hey hey! It’s time for the Updaaaate of the week! Woooh!Day 2

The group woke up in the kibbutz by the Galilee and enjoyed a nice breakfast. We went on a nice little hike and splashed in the water before seeing some of the oldest surviving caananite ruins. We then went Rafting and got to enjoy the water and Israel’s natural beauty.

Day 3

We started our day overlooking the Sea of Galilee and discussing the meaning of being here in Israel. We then went to explore Tzfat, one of the holy cities and the center of Kabbalah. After Tzfat we headed to a Druze village for a traditional lunch and hear about one of Israel’s most secretive ethnic minorities before heading to Jerusalem.

Day 4

Waking up in the city at the center of Judaism we headed into the old walled city to explore. We met up with our Israeli peers who immediately integrated into the group before heading to the Kotel, the holiest site of our religion. After returning to the hotel we rested and prepared for Shabbat.

Day 5

Unlike the rest of our trip which is quite packed shabbat is a day of rest so the group was able to sleep in and take it easy. We listened to an amazing speaker who explained many issues facing Israel today. We had an optional trip to the Israeli museum which houses the dead sea scrolls, the oldest physical evidence of Judaism. To end the day we had a beautiful Havdallah ceremony  to end Shabbat and begin our new week.

Day 6

This day started on a more serious note as we headed to Yad Vashem, the world renowned Holocaust museum to remember and honor the history of our people. We then went to Mt. Hertzel, Israel’s military cemetery where the leaders and heroes of the country are laid to rest.

We are now going to head south to the desert to experience Bedouin hospitality and prepare for our Sunrise hike up Masada.