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November 2014 Updates

We woke up at 4am to hike up Masada. We climbed up the Roman Ramp and waited for the sun to rise. The sky looked ominous and cloudy, and unfortunately, it began to rain. Luckily, the many ancient structures on top provided some shelter, and we were still able to learn the courageous story of [...]

Shabbat was such a beautiful and relaxing experience for Israel Outdoors’ Bus 288. We woke up and went for a walk to enjoy the cool weather. Our guide, Maxi, taught us about the edible plants along the way (wild asparagus, oak, etc.) and we stopped at a few lookout points. After lunch, we had a [...]

TL-31-288 woke up to a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Sea from their hotel in Netanya (25km north of Tel Aviv). They were all really excited to explore Tel Aviv. After getting a taste of Rothschild Blvd at an outdoor cafe called Polly last night, they couldn’t wait to see more. They began their day at Rabin [...]

After a few great days in the north, Israel Outdoors’ TL-31-288 left Kibbutz Gonen and the Golan Heights. On their drive to Tzfat, they stopped at the Agamon Hula lookout. The Golan Heights was to the left, the Hula Valley straight ahead, and the upper galilee on the right. This valley was formerly filled with water (plus malaria [...]