Day 2 of #IsraelOutdoors #Bus288’s Israel Adventures

Today’s TL-31-288 update is written by trip staff Dana Sabghir: 

Today really put the “outdoors” in Israel Outdoors. We started our day at Gadot, a memorial overlooking Lebanon. We learned about Israel’s northern borders with Syria and Lebanon.

Then we drove to Yehudia Park, where we hiked the Zavitan Stream, which runs to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). We even got to climb down and swim in one of the (freezing!) natural pools. One of our themes today was water issues in Israel, so we had many discussions about it on our hike.

For lunch, we ate “the world’s best falafel” in Katzrin and visited Olea, an olive oil/olive cosmetics factory. After that, we toured Mt. Bental, a bunker overlooking Syria, and watched the sunset.

Tonight we have a musician, Gilad Vitali, of the band Fools of Prophecy, coming to play for us. Tomorrow we head to Tzfat, one of the four holiest cities in Judaism and home of Kabbalah. Day 2 has been great and I have many requests to say hi to the parents!

View some photos from today:

Nov 11 - Eddie Levine - Gadot

Learning about Israel’s northern borders at Gadot, a memorial overlooking Lebanon

Nov 11 - Eddie Levine - Yehudia Park 1

Hiking the Zavitan stream in Yehudia Park while learning about the water issues in Israel

Nov 11 - Eddie Levine - Yehudia Park Zavitan Stream

Swimming in one of the natural pools in the Zavitan Stream in the Golan

Nov 11 - Mt Bental Sunset 2

Watching the sunset from Mt. Bental, a bunker overlooking Syria

Thanks to participant Eddie Levine and staff member Dana Sabghir for sharing their photos with us!