From Masada to Eilat

Nov 17 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Eilat 2

We woke up at 4am to hike up Masada. We climbed up the Roman Ramp and waited for the sun to rise. The sky looked ominous and cloudy, and unfortunately, it began to rain. Luckily, the many ancient structures on top provided some shelter, and we were still able to learn the courageous story of Masada. We then headed down the Snake Path toward our hot breakfast.

After breakfast, the sky cleared up and the sun came out. We spent a few hours floating at the Dead Sea and then said said a very sad goodbye to our amazing Israeli soldiers.

The drive down to Eilat was quiet without our Israeli friends, but we perked up when we stopped at Yotvata Kibbutz for their famous dairy products and homemade ice cream. We arrived in Eilat and got ready for our leisure evening. It was a really fun night!

– Dana Sabghir, TL-31-288 Trip Staff

Please see some photos by Jeffrey Donenfeld, Bus 288’s other trip staffer, and Tair Amar, an Israeli peer who joined the trip for several days:

Nov 17 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Masada

View from Masada!

Nov 17 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Eilat

View from Hotel in Eilat!

Nov 17 - Tair Amar - Israelis

Missing our Israeli Friends!

Nov 17 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Dead Sea

Fun at the Dead Sea!