“The Best Day of my Life”

Nov 18 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Morning Hike view of EgyptToday many of us woke up to watch the sun rise above Aqaba, Jordan. It was a clear morning, so we could see all the way to Saudi Arabia and Egypt! We then embarked on a hike (a segment of the Israel Trail), where we could see the Egyptian border in the distance. We ate some Israeli snacks at the top, and took pictures of the gorgeous Red Sea view.

Mid-morning, we headed toward the harbor to board a snorkeling boat. After a 30 minute cruise, we anchored and all jumped into the Red Sea. There was a water trampoline, floats, a water slide, and more. It was “the best day of my life,” as one participant put it. The sky was a perfect blue, the water was refreshing, and the group was having the best time.

After we docked, we headed north to Kibbutz Lotan, an educational eco-village. We learned a lot about sustainability methods and alternative living styles. It was super cool.

Now we are on the way to the Bedouin Tents. We will have welcoming Bedouin hospitality, a delicious meal (where we eat with our hands!), a bonfire, and some starlit activities. We are sad that it is our last night together, but excited for what the evening will bring!

– Dana Sabghir, TL-31-288 Trip Staff

Please see photos shared by Jeffrey Donenfeld, TL-31-288 Trip Staff:

Nov 18 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Morning Hike near Egypt Jump Nov 18 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Under the Dome
Nov 18 - Jeffrey Donenfeld - Bedouin Campfire 1