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Check out Detroit’s amazing post trip mifgash program in this article written by Israel Outdoors staffer Becky Hurvitz. It sure does pay to be from Detroit. Good food, good music. Drive an hour and a half up north and instant vacation. But these perks pale in comparison to the benefits of being a young Jewish [...]

Check out the following particle in JNS.org about Israel Outdoors very own free Birthright Israel trip for medical students. Inviting tomorrow’s doctors to fall in love with Israel today. That’s the whole idea behind the American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine (APF), a specialized track within the Taglit-Birthright Israel program offering free trips to Israel for [...]

Former Israel Outdoors staffer Yaniv Havusha writes about his experience at the exclusive Birthright Fellows program.  Read More Birthright Israel – mention this to anyone who has participated and you’ll instantly hear. “OMG, I loved my trip.” Or, “My so and so went on Birthright and loved it.” Or, “I wish I could go.” So [...]

Recently, Haaretz Newpaper published an article of 6 Birthright participants recanting their experiences in Israel and reflecting on the effects the trip had on their lives. Two of these six are Israel Outdoors alum! Check out the full article. Name: Benjamin Rossi Age: 27 From: Chicago, Illinois Resides now: Notre Dame, Indiana Occupation: PhD Student [...]

By far one of the most meaningful and popular elements of the Birthright program with Israel Outdoors is the Mifgash (encounter). Participants get a chance to experience Israel with real Israelis. There is truly no better way to experience Israel than with Israeli friends at your side. Following a visit to the city of Netanya [...]

Alexandra “Sasha” Cohen visited Israel on Taglit-Birthright Israel with Israel Outdoors, where she was known to her Taglit friends as Alex. They never suspected that she is an accomplished figure skater and Olympic silver medalist who was cheered on the ice by thousands. “I have always wanted to come to Israel,” Cohen said about her Israel [...]

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