Turning 10 Days of Travel into Lifelong Friendships

Check out Detroit’s amazing post trip mifgash program in this article written by Israel Outdoors staffer Becky Hurvitz.

It sure does pay to be from Detroit. Good food, good music. Drive an hour and a half up north and instant vacation. But these perks pale in comparison to the benefits of being a young Jewish Detroiter on one of NEXTGen Detroit’s community Birthright trips. Because, while most Birthright trips travel to the same areas and iconic sites, a Detroit community trip has a special way of connecting our local young adults not only to the land of Israel…but to the people of Israel.

Since 2009, Federation’s NEXTGen Detroit has sent out two to three Detroit community Birthright trips every year for a total of 20 trips to date. During these free 10-day adventures, participants see and do things that aren’t offered on most standard Birthright trips, while the entire time being accompanied by young adults from Detroit’s Partnership Region in Central Galilee. And, when the trip is over, the journey is just beginning — and for many of Detroit’s Birthright alumni it starts with NEXTGen Detroit’s annual Mifgash week.

The journey continues

“Every year in August, Federation brings all of the Israelis from that year’s trips here to Detroit for an incredible Mifgash reunion,” said Sue Kaufman, Birthright Israel Foundation’s Regional Council Chair. “Our local participants host the Israelis in their homes, and together they spend a week exploring and learning about our local Jewish community while strengthening and solidifying the friendships that began while they were in Israel.” Read More