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Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

Participant Reflections

Check out the following blog post from an Israel Outdoors alumn! Israel. Culturally, it might be one of the more unique places on the planet. Founded by secular zionists, raised with a foot firmly planted in Jewish orthodoxy, and scarred by war, strife, and the most dynamic shift in demographics the world has ever seen – the [...]

Check out Detroit’s amazing post trip mifgash program in this article written by Israel Outdoors staffer Becky Hurvitz. It sure does pay to be from Detroit. Good food, good music. Drive an hour and a half up north and instant vacation. But these perks pale in comparison to the benefits of being a young Jewish [...]

Nechama H. participated in a free Birthright Israel trip with Israel Outdoors and Rutgers Hillel this past winter. Thanks for sharing Nechama and Rutgers Hillel! When the plane began the descent into Israel, the sun was rising over Tel Aviv, and it was the most incredible sunset I had ever seen. The clouds were smoky [...]