Dr. Birthright

Check out the following particle in JNS.org about Israel Outdoors very own free Birthright Israel trip for medical students.

Inviting tomorrow’s doctors to fall in love with Israel today.

That’s the whole idea behind the American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine (APF), a specialized track within the Taglit-Birthright Israel program offering free trips to Israel for Jews ages 18-26. For the last 11 years, APF has been showing tomorrow’s medical professionals from across North America the Israel most of them have only seen in news reports—while creating memories, loyalties, and friendships designed to last a lifetime.

Brittany Bunkis returned from her APF experience on June 9. Among this year’s 39 program participants, roughly half of them were—like Bunkis—students in medical school or other healthcare programs. The other travelers were certified healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and occupational and physical therapists. Read More