Staff Training

Former Israel Outdoors staffer Yaniv Havusha writes about his experience at the exclusive Birthright Fellows program.  Read More

Birthright Israel – mention this to anyone who has participated and you’ll instantly hear. “OMG, I loved my trip.” Or, “My so and so went on Birthright and loved it.” Or, “I wish I could go.” So we all know what a positive experience a Birthright trip to Israel is for the thousands who have attended – but few of us know about the behind-the-scenes planning that makes these trips so successful.

Birthright Israel takes pride in the design of the trips, which have as their mission strengthening Jewish identity, Jewish communities and solidarity with Israel. It is essential that each of the 12 accredited trip providers knows and understands the educational goals of Birthright so that staff and tour educators can carry out that mission over the course of the 10-day trips. Toward this mission, there are overarching, daily themes embedded into each activity on a Birthright trip. The trip is so much more than just showing Jewish young adults Israel’s many tourist sites!

Birthright Israel Fellows are an essential part of the mission. A collaborative program between Birthright Israel, the iCenter for Israel Education and the Maimonides Fund, the Fellows provide knowledge and training to the Jewish professionals who staff Birthright trips, with the goal of enriching participants’ experience in Israel. Read More