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The past couple of days have been really fun – we explored the Golan Heights, went ATVing, visited Tzvat, and now we’re finishing up our last day in Jerusalem. Our travelers have been excited and eager to learn about each place that we’re visiting. Here are some pictures from the past few days! Allison Granet 

Hi! This morning we threw our luggage on the bus and left our hotel early. Bye Tiberius! Today, we head to Jerusalem!But before that, we stopped in Zippori, just next to Nazareth, to drive some ATVs. Everyone had a blast driving through the town, the woods, and the crop fields. We all got caked in [...]

TL-45-96 Update 6

We made it! 10 days! We laughed, cried, hugged, and experienced A LOT over the last 10 days. Currently boarding the plane as this chapter comes to an end and we continue along our paths in life- connected to Judaism and each other on a deeper level than when beginning this chapter in our lives. [...]

TL-45-485 Update 3

Written by Telek I went to Temple for the first time in my life this morning. It was a powerful experience.  I was okay until the congregation started on the hallelujah, and I realized that the word hallelujah predates Christianity, which I didn’t know. The emotion that filled me was an ache and a keen [...]

After waking up to the sounds of desert wildlife, we headed for a gorgeous hike at Ein Ovdat in Israel’s Negev desert. We took in the breathtaking views at the top of the cliff and boarded our bus and headed to a home-cooked meal in Yeruham, a small village in the desert founded by Romanian [...]

Our group took time off over Shabbat to disconnect, relax, and take in the spirit of the Jewish holy day in the holy city of Jerusalem. On Friday, we explored the shuk of Jerusalem, a bustling market. We took in the sweet smells of rugelach, heard the calls of vendors selling fresh produce and breads, [...]

Today we said goodbye to the north of Israel and set our sights on the center. Our first stop was in the gorgeous little town of Zichron Yaakov, one of the first places settled by immigrants even before the State of Israel was founded. We strolled through the streets and had lunch in a lovely [...]

Today we set off on a mystical exploration of Tzfat, the center and birthplace of Kabbalah. Our group spent the day exploring this ancient city before heading to the home of our guide Adam to meet his family and indulge in some classic Israeli snacks. We ended the day learning about the Druze people, one [...]

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