TL-44-1733 Update 7

After waking up to the sounds of desert wildlife, we headed for a gorgeous hike at Ein Ovdat in Israel’s Negev desert.

We took in the breathtaking views at the top of the cliff and boarded our bus and headed to a home-cooked meal in Yeruham, a small village in the desert founded by Romanian Holocaust survivors. We learned how the local government set up a Hebrew language learning school and helped several waves of immigrants settle and make a home in Israel. Jews from North Africa, Iran, and India have come to Yeruham over the decades and have blended into a diverse community.

Bellies full, we made our way to a Moroccan art studio to get our creative juices flowing. With some instruction, we learned to paint Zellij-style tiles as a memento of the trip.

As we finish our time together, we headed to our final destination – Tel Aviv. Get ready for our final update tomorrow!