Live Trip Updates- August 15, 2014

Every day we will post live trip updates. Check for the group code (starting with TL-30-) for a specific group…

TL-30-420 and TL-30-422: These groups left Israel late last night/early this morning. Lehitraot!

TL-30-421: This group began the day exploring the Old City of Jerusalem. They visited the Kotel, where they had time for personal reflection, and toured the Jewish Quarter. Then they wandered through the bustling Mahane Yehuda marketplace before preparing for Shabbat.

TL-30-423 and TL-30-426: The staff members for these groups wanted to make their participants’ first view of Jerusalem even more meaningful, so they blindfolded them right before the bus arrived at the overlook of the city. The groups were safely led to the lookout point, where their blindfolds were removed, revealing a spectacular first view of beautiful Jerusalem! They spent the day touring the Old City up close, and will enjoy welcoming Shabbat in this very special place. Check out some pictures from today…

Aug 15- Blindfold Bus to J'lm Group 423 Aug 15- Blindfold J'lm Group 423
Aug 15- Boys Kotel Group 423 Aug 15- Girls Kotel Group 423

TL-30-424: This group began the day by welcoming their Israeli peers who will be spending the next few days of the trip with them! The group then visited the Davidson Center before their walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem. After that, they journeyed to Mahane Yehuda to shop and gather last minute treats for Shabbat.

TL-30-425: Their day started off with a tour of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa. Then the group visited the ancient city of Tzipori, where they explored the archaeological ruins from the Roman and Byzantine periods. They traveled to Jerusalem, where they were met by their Israeli peers! Together, they all shopped at the Mahane Yehuda open-air marketplace before getting ready for Shabbat to begin.

TL-30-427: This group toured the archaeological site of Tzipori before departing for Jerusalem. Their Israeli peers joined them in Jerusalem, and the whole group explored Mahane Yehuda prior to Shabbat. Check out some photos from today…

Aug 15- Group Photo 427 Aug 15- 3 Girls Group 427

TL-30-428 and TL-30-429: These groups had an eventful morning and afternoon touring the ancient city of Tzfat, known as the birthplace of Kaballah. They had plenty of leisure time for shopping at the quaint artist markets there before traveling to Tiberias to welcome Shabbat.

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