Live Trip Updates- August 14, 2013

Every day we will post live trip updates. Check for the group code (starting with TL-30-) for a specific group…

TL-30-419 and TL-30-791: The final day in Israel for these groups began in Sataf, a beautiful wilderness area in the Jerusalem hills. Then they headed to Yokneam to enjoy a leisure afternoon sipping on the delicious wines from the Morad Winery. They saw the amazing view of Haifa from the Stella Maris lookout point and then visited Elijah’s Cave before departing for the airport. We will miss you!

TL-30-420 and TL-30-422: With the newest ceasefire in place, these groups were able to travel into Tel Aviv today! They spent time this morning in Yitzhak Rabin Square to learn about the tragic assassination of Israel’s former Prime Minister. Then they toured Independence Hall, where the state of Israel was officially declared, before spending time on the shores of the Mediterranean. They explored the old city of Jaffa before going to their hotel in Haifa. Check out a photo from today…

Aug 14- Tel Aviv Beach 420

TL-30-421: Today was a solemn day for this group, as they went to Har Herzl, Israel’s National Cemetery, followed by a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial Museum. The evening livened up a bit with a trip to Ben Yehuda Street, where the group had free time to sample local treats and do some shopping.

TL-30-423 and TL-30-426: These groups started the day on the gorgeous beaches of Haifa. After partaking in a volunteer activity through the Gift of Life, they explored the gardens of Gan HaNadiv. Then they went on a walking tour of Zikaron Yaakov. Check out some pictures from today…

Aug 14- Haifa Beach 423 Aug 14- Beach 423
Aug 14- Bus Group Shot 423 Aug 14- Group Pic Haifa 423

TL-30-424: This group went for a scenic hike on Mt. Arbel and then visited the beautifully manicured Bahai Gardens in Haifa. Next, they traveled to Jerusalem, stopping at Mt. Scopus for an incredible view of the city. They will enjoy an exciting night out in Jerusalem this evening.

TL-30-425: The group began the day in the ancient city of Tzfat. Then they visited the Amiad Winery in the Galilee, where they got to sample different types of tasty wines. They will spend the evening in Tiberias.

TL-30-427: This group started out in Tzfat, exploring the mystical city’s narrows streets and shopping at the artist markets. They got to experience a relaxing afternoon at the Amiad Winery. They will be staying in Tiberias this evening and will be getting ready for their Israeli peers to join the group tomorrow. Check out a photo from today…

Aug 14- Kinneret Group 427

TL-30-428 and TL-30-429: Welcome to Israel! These groups had their opening ceremony in Caesaria and then went to see the beautiful view of Haifa from the Stella Maris lookout. They will spend the evening in Tiberias getting to know each other through fun ice-breakers.

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