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Exploring Israel Outdoors


Below are updates from our trip leaders on trips in Israel right now!

TL47-219 Update 4

The trip has come to a close and what has happened in the past couple of days? We explored the holy city of Jerusalem and saw some monumental places such as the Western Wall and explored the city at night!  The last few days of the trip ended with the Dead Sea, Masada & Tel [...]

TL-47-219 Update 3

Shalom and Shabbat Shalom! What a week it has been with #Bus219.  Sooo what happened these past couple of days????  After our journey in Zfat we went to Caesarea National Park and then made our way to capital of Israel! We started our day off in Jerusalem and went to the Israel Museum, Kotel and [...]

TL-47-219 Update 2

Boker Tov North America! This is Bus 219 second update in the beautiful country of Israel! What has happened since the Jeep Tour?! After a day touring the Golan Heights we relaxed at the Tiberias Hot Springs! Our group visited the old city of Zfat and explored the city with our amazing tour guide Adam [...]

TL-47-219 Update 1

Shalom! Welcome to TL-47-219’s first Update of the trip! It was a long flight, but our amazing group is ready to explore the beautiful country of Israel! We got to our hotel in Tiberias, had a good dinner and had a good nights sleep! What has happened in this short time? Today we are exploring [...]

Well, it’s been a whirlwind three days of exploring the North of Israel. We landed in the Ben Gurion airport, hopped on a bus to Tiberias, then immediately collapsed into bed. The next two days were spent zinging around the North. We hiked through the Baianas in the upper Galilee, where we watched rockrabbits sunbask [...]

Day 10, wish we could do it all over again!  We began the day with our final breakfast. Delicious food, laughter, and reminiscing about the past several days. We had our closing activity and got to hear of everyone’s favorite moments and what they are taking away from the ten day experience. Beautiful closing activity [...]

TL47-380 Update 9

Day 9 – sadly, we are running out of time… Today we woke up and gathered for breakfast like a tradition we have been practicing for years. It was lovely.  We met a representative form Masa to discuss options post birthright. We then had a tour around Rabin Square and learned the history of when [...]

During our first 24 hours, Bus 399 traveled up north to Tiberias where we met our Israeli participants. This picture was taken at a monument for Eli Cohen in the Golan Heights. -Abby and Noah

The pictures begin with us experience a unique view of Auschwitz through an interactive 3D tour.  The next morning after the group had finally all gathered together, we headed out to ride Electric mountain bikes. We began with Shehecheyanu, and got ready for the ride. After the awesome ride we headed to Har Herzl, Israel’s [...]

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