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Below are updates from our trip leaders on trips in Israel right now!

Thanks for an amazing trip! And to our tour guide Asaf Shaked for taking these pictures. 1. At Pearson International Airport in Toronto 2. In Haifa 3. Upgraded lunch in Zichron Yaakov 4. Herzl grave 5. Masada sunrise 6. Picture of the girls in Netanya during sunset 7. Some of us outside the Knesset 8. [...]

Yesterday we landed and had a lovely afternoon at Kibbutz Manara while we awaited the results of our COVID tests. A lot of participants enjoyed their time by the pool while others rested after getting little sleep on the plane ride. Today we had a delicious breakfast at our kibbutz. After breakfast we hiked Mount [...]

TL-46-62 Update 4

Some pics from Days 4 & 5 Touring the Old City of Jerusalem Western Wall Praying at the Western Wall Shopping at Machane Yehuda A group shot at the Cardo Shopping at Machane Yehudah – everyone was so surprised how different it was during the day compared to the food/pub scene last night. Writing notes [...]

Over the past couple of days, group 578 has been in Jerusalem! We spent our morning on Friday in the Old City. We had a short activity learning about the history of the grounds, which we followed by visiting the Kotel. Afterwards, we met 6 new Israelis who joined our group for the next few [...]

Hello everyone! We have landed safely in Israel and traveled north to Tiberias where we checked in to our boutique hotel overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We met our tour guide Barak, and he taught us the first phrase of the trip: ‏חי בסרט which means “he’s living in a movie”, or “(he’s) tripping.” Tonight [...]

We are currently on the bus from Ben Gurion Airport to our hotel in Haifa.  Everyone got through security smoothly in Toronto and boarded without issue.  Those of us who were lucky enough managed to catch a couple hours of shut eye on the plane.  While there were no crying babies, I’m sure several of [...]

TL-46-62 Update 3

Day 3 (written by Bus bloggers – Sasha and Olivia Buraks) This morning, we took our bus to the mystical city Tzfat and then went to the music program where we played the drums. Then we got to experience the culture of the city as we saw some Bar Mitzvahs at different synagogues, met some [...]

TL-46-2/577 Update 5

Days 09 – 10 We navigated three very different climates in the State of Israel in our last two days: we started out in the harsh desert, where we had stayed overnight at a kibbutz; next, we visited an artificial climate, seeing the agricultural development in the Negev; and ended up in Tel Aviv, celebrating [...]

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