TL-41-40 Update 1

Hey all,

Excuse the delay, we arrived and quickly observed Shabbat. We all landed safely and made our way to the hotel for Hanukkah candle lighting. The group started bonding very quickly, we are all enjoying each other’s company and behaving as if we have all be close for a long time. Our first trip to Tzfat was rainy but great. (Group pictures below)

As it was pouring down and the outlook location have very limited visibility, we sang the shehecheyanu in a cave with wonderful acoustics. We taught the group a special melody the evening before and it sounded amazing in the cave. A group member also sang a special Hanukkah song solo which was special.
Everyone had fun waking around the various galleries and synagogues and eating customary Israeli cuisine.

Kabbalah Shabbat was kicked off with lighting the Chanukah and Shabbat candles, followed by a great discussion about the meaning and customs of Shabbat. After dinner we also had sufganyot and oneg Shabbat included Israeli dancing and light snacking.

The following morning a group member lead an early morning yoga class before breakfast. And we had a blast learning additional Israeli dances before going on a hike around the property before dinner. Havdallah and Chanukah candle lighting followed dinner before a drum activity.