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TL-41-271 Update 1

Update! We arrived on Monday, Feb 3rd and went straight from the airport to our hotel in Tiberias. The next morning we went on a tour in the Galilee, seeing Mt. Bental and a winery. That night we went to a hot spring spa in Tiberias! The next morning, we toured Tzfat, visiting the candle [...]

TL-41-269 Update 2

Hello, Another update from the group. We had a great time in the Bedouin tents and experienced a traditional dinner. From there we climbed Masada and went to ride camels and have an informative feeding camel experience. At the Dead Sea we got to float and enjoy the salt water. The next update will about [...]

TL-41-253 Update 1

Hi! We arrived in Israel at 2pm on Monday afternoon, and spent the next few hours traveling to Tiberias. Even though everyone was tired from the long journey, the group was in great spirits. We had our second ice breaker of the day, where each of the participants told an unbelievable fact about themselves. After [...]

TL-41-233 Update 2

This trip so far has been amazing and the group has had a great time; from hiking Masada to Shabbat in the old City, the participants have been having an incredible time exploring all that Israel has to offer. Everywhere they‘ve gone, they‘ve learned something new. During our stay in the Negev, a number of [...]

TL-41-351 Update 4

The last few days we got to experience Israel the way the Israelis do between Memorial and Independence days. The group opened up and shared personal stories and also how they felt visiting Yad Vashem (the Holocaust memorial and museum) and Har Herzl (the national military cemetery). It was a very moving and very challenging [...]

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