TL-41-31/92 Update 2

Hello Friends & Family;

It has been an unbelievable few days. And we are exhausted!

We experienced the old city of Jerusalem. Where we walked around, and every participant got an opportunity to go up to the Western Wall and reflect about whatever it is they wanted to reflect about.

We celebrated Shabbat in Jerusalem. It was the participants first time seeing a city shut down for 24 hours as the roads and businesses were clear. We used this opportunity to walk to the park, and participate in different Shabbat related activities.

After Jerusalem we headed south. We were in the desert for a few days. We climbed to the top of Masada, went swimming in the Dead Sea, and stayed at the Bedouin tents.

Today we reached our final lap of the trip as we arrived in Tel Aviv. It is a perfect place for us to end the trip. It gives the participants that more modern feel of Israel. We are excited to spend these last days in Tel Aviv with our participants. But we are sad for them to go. This trip has been perfect, and the staff couldn’t have asked for a better group of participants. We are happy we have found friends for a lifetime and look forward to continuing to stay in touch.

Best Regards,
Max, Chana, & Brandon