TL-41-28 Update 1

Here is an update from the staff:

We just finished lunch at Zikhron Yaakov. Here is a photo from the group at Garden Nadiv! There is also a photo from the airport layover in Frankfurt!

The group will be traveling in the North tomorrow, then head to Jerusalem on Thursday.  They will visit beautiful sites, such as the Gadot lookout, and hike to the beautiful Banias Waterfalls. On Thursday, the group will visit the beautiful and mystical city of Tzfat. In Tzfat, they’ll learn about the amazing history of the city, the birthplace of Jewish mysticism, and explore the incredible artist colony found within the city’s narrow streets. They’ll have free time to explore, shop, and eat lunch. They will also tour several historic synagogues located in the city. After, the group will leave Tzfat and drive to Jerusalem.