TL-41-216 Update 2



We are now more than halfway through our trip – it’s hard to believe that we’re beginning to approach the end. Everyone is having the most amazing time! We went to Tzfat, did a geopolitical Jeep tour of the Golan Heights, and so much more.

Eight Israeli participants joined us on Friday morning – we stopped at the Bahai gardens in Haifa, had lunch in Zichron Ya’Akov, then drove to Jerusalem to spend shabbos there. We had a very relaxing and meaningful Shabbat filled with lots of delicious food, great discussions, and some free time. We had the opportunity to walk around Machane Yehuda both at nighttime and during the day which was enjoyable.

Everyone is getting along so well, it’s hard to imagine the trip without the Israeli participants. Today was jam-packed with information and emotion, as we visited both Yad Vashem and Mount Herzl.

We’re now driving to the Negev for our desert experience, Masada, camel trekking, and Dead Sea which everyone is really looking forward to.

All the best,
Ilana and Zoe