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Birthright Israel Outdoors - Free Trips to Israel
Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

TL-41-14 Update 1

We are excited to share with you an update from our first day in Israel. After a long journey, Bus #14 finally arrived in Israel and met our Israeli peers! We started off our trip in the north with a hike at Banias Falls. The group then learned to cook dishes with the Druze community. Bus #14 took a Jeep tour through the Golan heights, learning about the Syrian and Israeli relations. Finally the group visited Amiad winery and had a tasting. We finished off our day and YEAR with a New Years Eve celebration!

Below is a quote from our participant Rachel Steinberg.

“We landed in Israel!! I’m so excited to eat some authentic Israeli food, visit the holy sites, and bond with this group more. There’s so much to see, I don’t know how we’ll fit it all in 10 days!”

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