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6 Degrees of Israel Outdoors Vol. 2

Following our original 6 Degrees of Israel Outdoors Post, we received great feedback from our readers.  We thought we’d give good old fashioned Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with an Israel Outdoors twist another shot.

As is our custom, let’s begin once again with Kevin Bacon

(1) Kevin Bacon


  starred in the documentary The Ecoist (2007) and received concealer application from

(2) Rebecca Israel

who has staffed 4 trips with

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Ok, now that we got tradition out of the way, can we get someone a little more current? How about current chart stopper Taylor Swift? That one is too easy…

(1) Taylor Swift


attended every possible music award show you can imagine along with

(2) Bruno Mars

who performed on the Get Well Soon Tour organized by

(3) David Silberstein

who traveled on trip TL-29-370 with

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Not impressed? Shake it off baby cause we’ve got more. How about Golden Globe lifetime achievement award winner George Clooney? This sexiest man can’t escape us

(1) George Clooney

George Clooney

was in Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) with

(2) Brian Cox

who was in Believe (2013) with

(3) Anne Reid

who was in Hit for Six (2007) with

(4) Ravi Shankar

Who has performed with

(5) Max ZT

who traveled on trip TL-17-219 with

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We challenge you to come up with your own celebrity connections to Israel Outdoors!

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