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Six Degrees of … Israel Outdoors

Israel Outdoors has proudly held the title of largest and most popular Taglit-Birthright Israel trip organizer for the past five years.  With thousands of diverse young adults having participated on our trips, we feel that we can connect any celebrity to the Israel Outdoors community.  Don’t believe us?  Let’s play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon…with an Israel Outdoors twist.

As a tribute to the roots of this game let’s begin with he who started it all, Mr. Kevin Bacon.

(1) Kevin Bacon

Kevin_Bacon  attended Julia R. Masterman Secondary School.  Also attended by

(2) Petra Artz

who traveled on trip TL-26-532 with

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But Kevin Bacon is old school.  How about the current teen pop sensation otherwise known as Justin Bieber?

(1) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber. was in School Girls (2009) with

(2) Fred Willard

who was in Love Wrecked (2009) with

(3) Jamie-Lynn Sigler

who traveled on trip TL-17-234 with

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Still not a belieber?  Let’s give it a shot with someone a little more political.

(1) Hillary Clinton


was in The Final Days (2000) with

(2) Helen Thomas

who was in Dave (1993) with

(3) Sir Ben Kingsley

who was in Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993). Original novel written by

(4) Fred Waitzkin

father of

(5) Katya Waitzkin

who traveled on trip TL-20-208 with

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We challenge you to come up with your own celebrity connections to Israel Outdoors!

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  • Elina Yakubov Mar 21, 2013, 6:20 pm

    Do one for Lindsay Lohan! I was roommates with a girl that went to high school with Lindsay Lohan!

  • Tzipporah Gabriel Mar 22, 2013, 12:11 am

    (1) Little Debbie’s (of the cupcakes) has a brother (2) who went to school with the cowerker (3) of the sister (4) of Batya (5), who is the person who wrote this blog in the first place.

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