Wedding Anniversary – Israel Outdoors Style

Rachel and David Ortiz celebrated their one year wedding anniversary while in Israel with Israel Outdoors group TL-26-333 in May of 2012.  Thank you Rachel for sharing her experience. Congrats on your recent second anniversary.  Wishing you many more!

We really couldn’t have asOrtizked for a better way to celebrate one year of marriage than being in beautiful Israel, the land that has forever captivated our hearts and touched a place very deep inside of us.

We were married on Lag B’omer, 2011 on what we thought was the happiest day of our lives. We had no idea that one year later we would be in Tzfat looking out over the hills in Israel seeing the flicker of so many bonfires bring friends and family together in joy and celebration. Israel offered a kind of unity that was like finding the very thing that you never knew was missing, and that is what would be the happiest day of our lives. Our day was spent meeting some amazing artists in Tzfat and listening to a presentation by artist David Friedman about his art and the meaning of Kabbalah. We walked around the small city and watched a Torah be paraded through the street with people singing and dancing behind it. After, we headed down to a Kibbutz that made various delicious fruit wines like strawberry, plum, and fig. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day with a toast to a group of people that only days before were complete strangers, but are now life long friends.

Thank you, Israel Outdoors, for the best anniversary gift we could dream of – the gift of love for Israel and sparking a deeper Jewish spirit in the both of us.