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Update from Israel #Bus520

Hi from bus 520!

We have had a very busy few days. Once we left the north we headed to Jerusalem. We explored the Old City and market called Mahane Yehuda. Shabbat in Jerusalem is very special and unique and our group was very grateful to be spending such an important day in this holy city. We lit the Shabbat candles and had a delicious Shabbat meal. Since the city closes down over Shabbat, we spent the evening hanging out and talking about each persons rose (favorite part of the day). We continued to explore the city on Saturday at the Israel Museum. After enjoying some free time we joined together for Havdallah. Sunday was a very powerful day, spending time at Har Herzl and the Holocaust Memorial and Museum, Yad Vashem. Everyone was very moved when one of the 8 Israelis who joined us on Friday shared his personal connection to Har Herzl.

Off to the Negev!

Waking up early to hike up Masada was worth it for the amazing views and history lesson. Even though it was very hot, we headed over to the Dead Sea. After having a bus jam session, people could not wait to run into the salty water and float (and take pictures of course). But first? They had to put the Dead Sea mud all over their bodies. Our last stop of the day was the Bedouin tent. That is where we spent the night. They started the experience by doing a welcoming ceremony where we learned about the Bedouins culture and traditions followed by a delicious dinner of meat, rice, laffa, hummus, etc. We ended the busy Monday by having a bonfire with s’mores.

This morning we woke up early and had an early morning camel ride before heading out for the day.

For the last part of the trip… TEL AVIV HERE WE COME!

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