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Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

Update from Israel #Bus223

We have had a crazy couple of days but here is our second update. You can also check SB Hillel’s FB page and Instagram for more!

Bus 223 has had quite the trip so far! Starting in the North, we explored the mystical city of Tzfat, hiked to beautiful waterfalls and relaxed in some natural hot springs. We then went to Jerusalem where we visited the Kotel, explored the old city, and experienced a traditional Shabbat in the holy land. We also send a hearty mazal tov to our six participants who had their Bar/Bat Mitzvah over the Sabbath. We are finishing up our time in the heart of the country, and we will be continuing our journey in the South. We can’t wait for all the camel selfies and Dead Sea pics to come! Our last leg of the trip will be in Tel Aviv, where we will get a taste of city culture and life. Sending our best to family and friends back home! Stay sababa (cool!).

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