TL-50-7 UPDATE 1

Hi y’all!! Here is bus 7s first update!

Shalom!! Israel Outdoors Bus 7 has had a very eventful first day and a half in the holy land!! We arrived yesterday morning and hit the ground running with our new Israeli best friends that greeted us at the airport with lots of energy! We drove north to Caesaria and spent the afternoon walking around the ancient city, hiking at Ein Tzur, and getting to know each other at our Kibbutz up in the Golan Heights. Today, we woke up early to take in the views of the Kinneret (Sea of Gallilee) and then enjoy some splashes in the water with the banana boats. After lunch in Tiberias, we had an awesome ATV ride and drum circle. The first 2 days were exhausting in the best way and we can’t wait to relax this Shabbat!! Shabbat Shalom!!!