TL-50-100 UPDATE 3

Day 3

We woke up, packed our bags and headed down for breakfast where we were greeted by tastes of Tiberias, dried fruits, salads, eggs and breads!

After loading our bags, we set off on our trusted Bus 100 to our next location: ATV RIDES AT TZIPORI. Tzipori took us on a journey, literally! We drove ATVs following our guide through a safari of forests, resoviors, and rolling hills, stopped for a coffee and cookie break (cafe shahor of course!) and continued back to our bus. We stepped out of our ATVs, most of us covered completely in the dusts kicked up by our ATVs, all of us with smiles. 

Riding on high, we stepped into our next portal for the day: Madafa Glilit, an authentic Bedouin experience in the village of Ka’abya. There we were greeted by Wefqi and Ensherah Salmna. They dressed us in traditional clothing, we drank sweet tea, strong coffee, and ground coffee with enthusiasm, music and rhythm!! 

After lunch, we drove to Jerusalem. On our way we saw the boarder wall between Israel and the West Bank and tank memorials from the battle for control of the Jerusalem Corridor during the War of Independence. 

After settling into our rooms, we ate a buffer dinner at the hotel and prepared for our visit to yad vashem the following morning.