TL-50-100 UPDATE 2

On our last day in Tiberias we awoke to a shining sun rising over the Sea of Galilee. After a breakfast of many delicious dishes, we filled water, packed our hats and sunscreens and climbed into Bus 100 driven by Jaudat. 

We arrived at Tel Israel (a small hill that has been built up over several centuries of occupation), where Sagi engaged us in an intriguing story about Ahav, his vineyard and the Prophet Elijah’s guidance. Hiking down Tel Israel, we passed by trees of olives, pomegranates and Sabra cactus. 

Down below Tel Israel we came upon an oasis of water call Ein Harod. Here we learned about the water which travels through the porous rock, forms a well underneath and runs out into the Ein (spring). Here Sagi engaged us in another story where we learned about Gideon and his small army of 300 who drank from the water many moons ago. 

We hoped on Bus 100 and we’re transported to the top of Mt. Shaul, here we learned that this is where King Saul and his sons fell in a battle against the Philistines. 

The heat was reaching 101, we were craving water.

But first lunch: falafel, shawarma or aroma ice cafe? 

For us, a reprieve from the heat was awaiting us in the Sea of Galilee (Kineret) in the form of water sports!!We had a wild time bouncing around on the wake of the boat while riding on giant water tubes!! 

Back at the hotel, we continued into the evening with a geopolitical seminar by Avraham Levin. We asked our questions about October 7th with vigor, and engaged in small groups about the countries surrounding Israel and Israel’s relationship with them. We closed our days activities with an activity to prepare for the arrival of our Israeli peers!

Thank you for having us Tiberias, until we see you again.