TL-50-100 Update 1

*Day 1* 

After traveling for half a day, we arrived in Israel!!

What were we feeling? Had we slept? Were we too excited to sleep? 

Stepping off the plane and entering Ben Gurion Airport we were welcomed by the familiar balagan of Israeli lines and the ramp to baggage claim, lined with pictures of hostages still in held captive in Gaza. 

As we took our first steps in Israel we were greeted by our tour guide Sagi! And our security guard Ido! We met Ayelet our Israeli support staff, then headed to our bus!

We toured ancient Ceasarea, and said the Shehecheyanu blessing on the beach ( statement of recognizing time and appreciating that we are alive in this moment).

Walking through the streets of Zikhron Ya’akov filled our souls with our first falafel of the trip and the history of the people who lived there. 

After unpacking/resting in our hotel in Tiberias, we had dinner, then discussed our experiences during/after October 7th and played an ice breaker game on the grass to cap the evening.