TL-48-23 Update 2

Today we packed up and left the amazing residence at a kibbutz and spent our morning in Tzfat Old City! We were in awe of the beauty and architecture of one of the holy cities in the land of Israel. After our lovely morning we headed out to meet our Mifgash, or Israeli friends! We had the pleasure of welcoming Amit, Roni, Oren, Adi, Amit, and Nave into our family for 4 days ! Next, we drove up to a Druze community where we learned about the sacred and secret Druze religion and got to enjoy some of their delicious food! After our amazing lunch we headed to our hotel in Netanya to get us ready for the night we had ahead! Tonight was the group’s first night out and we were able to spend it in Tel Aviv! We danced the night away and had so much fun together ! Now we head back to Netanya and look forward to the fantastic days ahead! – Shannon¬†