TL-47-347 Update 1

The moment we all arrived at the airport, one could sense feelings of excitement, nervousness and optimism for a trip that will bring new eye opening experiences. This 10 day adventure will provide an opportunity for all of us to forge a deeper and meaningful connection to our Jewish identity. After getting through El Al’s rigorous security procedures and TSA we gathered together by the boarding gate eager to get on the plane and begin this journey. 

14 hours later and we arrived safe in Israel! From the looks on everyones faces, there was not much sleep that was had. After passport control we received our bags and met our tour guide, medic, and bus driver, Amir, Av and Amjud!  After everyone was well fed, we climbed onto the bus to begin our drive to the north of Israel. Stayed tuned as we keep you updated on our travels. That begins with a hike and geo-political jeep tour through the Golan Heights tomorrow!