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TL-46-578 Update 3

Over the past couple of days, group 578 has been in Jerusalem! We spent our morning on Friday in the Old City. We had a short activity learning about the history of the grounds, which we followed by visiting the Kotel. Afterwards, we met 6 new Israelis who joined our group for the next few days and have been loving meeting new people. On Shabbat, we had a relaxing start of the day, with a late breakfast and then we walked to a nearby park for some bonding and relaxation. We ate delicious Bissli and rugelach (no room for lunch was spared!)
Today we will be heading to Yad Vashem and Mont Herzl. It will definitely be a reflexive day where we’ll be able to acknowledge our past and our present both within and outside of Israel. We are so grateful to be able to pay our respects and know this will be a day we won’t forget.
Naomi and Noah

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