TL-46-543 Update 4

After a relaxing and connected Shabbat experience in Jerusalem, we began our day with Yad Vashem – the world Holocaust remembrance center. This was followed by Har Herzl- the National military cemetery. Needless to say, it was a busy and more somber morning tempering our worst so we can envision our future as the Jewish people and what that looks like in our own lives. We finally had lunch to fill our bodies with nutrition after an emotional morning and afternoon. We had a processing unit to discuss and share our feelings from the day. We then drove to the Beduion tent site. We had a camel care activity where we fed, washed, and cared for camels with loving kindness. This was followed by a greeting by the Beduion community where we learned more about their culture and history (and had some strong coffee). This was followed by dinner and then star gazing. As we were star gazing, we had some time to explore a meditation of loving kindness for ourselves and others. Then the Israelis did an activity for us which was super fun and enjoyable. Finally, we ended the evening with a bonfire and s’mores. We connected with one of the groups that was there and sang songs around the bonfire. We slept in the Beduion tent as one large family. Tomorrow we will hike Masada early, so be prepared for another exciting and meaningful day ahead 🙂

Until the next update, be safe, healthy, and love one another <3

With gratitude,
Hal, Jenny, and Serge
#Bus543, 2022