TL-46-543 Update 2

What a blast we have had the past 48hrs!

We began our second day rafting along the Jordan River. Some splashing, singing, and even folks who fell out of the boat. All in all, we had a safe and enjoyable time rafting together. We then went hiking on the Banias in the upper Galilee and enjoyed learning about history and nature. After that, we enjoyed lunch with a Druze community at Ein Kinya. We then drove to the hotel and freshened up for dinner in Tiberius. It was a lovely evening having dinner by the water. We returned to the hotel and engaged in more conversations, card games, and bonding activities.

On day 3 we ventured into one of the four holy cities in Israel, Tzfat- which is Jewish mysticism’s birthplace. We split up into groups of 5 and explored the city on a fun scavenger hunt and learned, tasted, and experienced the history of this beautiful city. We gathered back as a group and chatted about historical figures and the history of Tzfat. We went to the famous candle boutique and learned how they make candles and discussed the meaning of Shabbat candles. We then had the privilege of listening to Avraham discuss Kabbalah. What a powerful experience that will not soon be forgotten. We drove to Jerusalem- got stuck in traffic so listened to and sang songs on the bus (requests by participants) and held our bladders until we finally arrived in the holy city of Jerusalem. We had a delicious dinner all together at Japanika in Cinema City (it was SOOO tasty!). From there, we began our leisurely evening. We began at Hal’s friends bar, then ventured our way to the shuk and experienced what the nightlife is like there. We all made it safely back to the hotel on time for our ‘curfew’ and rested up for our busy and exciting day in Jerusalem.

Stay tuned to our groups adventures – we are bonding, connecting, learning, and embracing this once in a lifetime experience! Stay tuned!

With joy,
Hal, Jenny, and Serge 🙂