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Birthright Israel Outdoors - Free Trips to Israel
Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

TL-46-433 Update 3

Today is our last day all together and it’s truly been a wonderful and life-changing experience. One of our participants wrote a poem and we wanted to share.

The Journey Home 



It all began with the right to our birth
A once in a lifetime exploration
Of what you might call home turf.

We showed up in different perspectives, stories, and spaces
Only to uncover a common thread
Weaving together the fabric of our Jewish faces.

Yet, so much more than faces

Our past
Our present
Our ancestors
And, our souls.

Our curiosity for our why
And invitation to go deeper
Perhaps even knowing more about Chai.

Memories were made
So many questions still linger
An invitation is here to ultimately not let this fade.

May we keep our connections alive
Our eyes and critical thinking deeply open
And allow our quest for Jewish identity to thrive.

May we remember we are no longer Jew-ish
We are fully a community
United by many layers and for me,
this wish:

To follow the breadcrumbs and ask if this God is “the One”
To contemplate the unknown and how to love all beings
To not settle for one narrative
or think this journey will ever, ever be done.

To sit with “who am I?” and all the available flavors
To struggle and find meaning in our unique version of spirituality
Whether it remains rooted or if it may waiver.

To above all else, remember this
Tribe unites us.
And even admits conflict,
to find some sense of trust.

To lead not with our heads
But with our hearts
To know you always have seat at the soul family table
And most importantly,
a safe space to break bread.

– Sydney Badik

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