TL-45-485 Update 2

written by Alanna

For some, a rainy Shabbat began with a visit to Shul, for others, it was a relaxing sleep-in.

Gathering in (almost) full force we made our way to the Israel Museum. For many of us, the walk was a unique experience. The city was calm and quiet, our group’s energy and excitement even more palpable on the empty streets.

At the museum an enchanting site greeted us; a replica of Jerusalem during the end of the Second Temple Period (66 C.E.). What we were all trying to imagine yesterday while walking through the city was suddenly right in front of us. We could see the Cardo, see the Western Wall in context, and the Temple Mount. Envisioning this moment in the history of Jerusalem prepared us to experience the breadth of history and culture that the rest of the museum offered.

Many of us then descended underground to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, our experience mimicking that of the bedouin sheep headers entering the cave to behold an unprecedented discovery. The ancient scrolls and artifacts from the cave in Qumran connected us with the keepers of the scrolls. Their delicate nature and modern conservation methods juxtaposing fragility and resiliency.

One by one we went our separate ways to experience the wings of the museum that called to us. Contemporary art called to many, while others were lost in time, immersing ourselves in the evolution of humankind and the artifacts that represent the birth of multiple cultures, dynasties, and eras. The Israel Museum was captivating, our only complaint; was we didn’t have enough time!

After a delicious lunch back at the hotel and a little downtime, we attended a Geopolitical lecture by Iftah Burman. In a short period of time, Iftah was able to provide a thorough introduction and context to the political climate of Israel, a country many of us are visiting for the first time. We are grateful that he shared his knowledge and expertise with us today.

This brings us to nearly the end of the day as we say goodbye to Shabbat with Havdalah.